Organisations are opening their eyes to the detrimental consequences of a data breach. A data breach can result in customers losing faith in your ability, tarnishing a brand reputation and potentially resulting in fines from regulatory bodies.

When a data breach takes place organisations may be violating a number of legislation, such as the Data Protection Act, PCI and HIPAA. This can result in liable action against the organisation and in most cases negative PR, which inevitable leads to a loss in customers and profit.

It is general understood the management of confidential data can be difficult, especially without negatively affect the day-to-day activities of an organisation. This is where Security in Motion can help, we have the means to support in identifying confidential information, manage this information and affectively secure and protect this information.

By working with a range of solutions from DLP, application control and encryption, we can implement measures to restrict the loss of data. Even in the worse case scenario where data has been lost or stolen, we can remotely locate and purge.

Our security specialist will closely work with you to identify the correct solution, so as to ensure a “duty of care” not only for your own well being but that of your customers. In the business world it takes years to build a strong brand, but only seconds to lose it. Protect your brand by implementing resilient security measures with Security in Motion at your side.      

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