Email Security


In today’s rapidly changing electronic world, email is vital to any business remaining competitive. In most cases it forms an essential part of an organisations’ day-to-day activities, and its use will only continue to grow.

Due to the importance of emails in today’s working life, the emphasis on email security has become ever more significant. In particular, the security requirements associated with email storage, policy enforcement, archiving, auditing, Anti-Spam and data recovery.

Without a reliable Anti-spam solution you can face issues such as, overloaded mail servers, cluttering of mailboxes, high levels of false positives and open to vulnerabilities via incoming malware. All of these issues will result in organisation’s facing lower levels of productivity and thus reducing its profitability.    


Considering the service email provides to a modern day business, email management should be broken down into a range of components: mail flow, storage, and user access – both at the server and user levels. Whilst each of these components should be examined separately, they must be viewed as a holistic security agenda.

Due to the importance of e-mails, Security in Motion provides solutions designed specifically to the customers’ needs and requirements. We can support in the protection against outbound threats such as loss of intellectual property, confidential data and abusive content leaving an organisation.

Security in Motion has partnered with Barracuda Networks a  leading vendor within the e-mail arena to provide ground breaking products. They have the ability to provide in-house, hosted and hybrid e-mail solutions. Allow us to help identify the ideal email solution for you and for more information please contact us or request a callback.

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