Some of the most persuasive reasons for acquiring Web Security are, legal requirement, increasing employee productivity and protection against malicious attacks. Restricting pornographic, violent and inappropriate material is an essential task of any IT department.

Organisations waste vast quantities of bandwidth and time due to employees surfing the web on non-work related websites. The majority of this recreational surfing can be found on social networking sites, peer to peer activities, IM traffic and online purchasing of consumer goods. This excessive procrastination by employee’s results in reduced productivity and ultimately affecting a company’s bottom line.

The increasing demand for web services has left organisations vulnerable to malicious and harmful activities, orchestrated by unlawful individuals. Without the appropriate measures to secure and protect ones network, organisations are likely to fall victim to cyber crime. This has a number of consequences, company down time, potentially customers losing faith in your inability to manage personal data and the theft of intellectual property.

A number of research institutions are reporting a rise in blended, targeted and regional web threats. This unfortunately has resulted in greater success on behalf of the cyber criminals. The use of pharming, trojan horses, adware, spyware, and other malware are a common favourite of cyber criminals.

Rely on Security in Motion to identify the correct web filter to protect and improved your employees productivity. What’s more, we can install, configure and provide on-site training. Contact us for more details.

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